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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

San Francisco, Part II

The third day here, it was Friday - guess what? Friday pray. Just near my hotel, along the O'Farrell street, there were lot of halal restaurants and groceries ran by Yemeni origin Americans. One of the shopkeeper (perhaps the owner) reminded me it was Friday. So where's the mosque? It was still early in the morning, so I just walk around the area like a senator/YB visiting his territory. Street by street, park by park and district by district. This place reminded me Manchester, perhaps the building design and the intensity of it people. However, sorry to say - many 'homeless' here. In that morning, I wonder why there was a very, very long queue. I found out they queue for food distributed by a nearby church. The policemen were everywhere too - observing those guys. Safety precaution? I walked in the policemen 'visible zone' and sometimes had short conversation with the policeman. Or just say "Hi". Then I found the mosque - coincidentally I met the imam but it wasn't time to pray yet. Now what? Having breakfast + lunch at an Indian muslim restaurant by the Ellis St.
Mosque: near Golden gate avenue
Left: Union park, Right: It is not Golden gate but a bridge to Berkeley (the location for Uni. of California, Berkeley)

Finished my Friday pray, I continue walking while waiting for my friend. If you plan to take the sky-view tour, it is only USD 20. Another option for transportation is the tram. Cheaper and easy. There were so many people here with different races. During peak hour, you might feel like in a sardine can in the tram. I stopped at the City Hall. How nice! I thought I was in Prague or Budapest. The dome has eastern Europe design element and for me the design of this building is more attracting than the White House (an unfair comparison because I have not reach White House yet at that time!). Once I meet my friend, we went to a park. Oh yes! I saw the gigantic Golden Gate at last but unfortunately it was foggy. Foggy, foggy, foggy. I looked perpendicularly at the Pacific ocean (hmm Pacific ocean - the first time I taste the water), Nusantara archipelago is over there definitely. We drove to the main entrance of the Golden Gate which is open for public - and guess what. Again - nothing to see. How's pity.

Sky-view Tour

Tram to Russian Hill (if I'm not mistaken - hehe)

San Fran City Hall
SF City Hall vs Suleimaniye Mosque (istanbul) Which one is more enchanting?
Golden gate (from the west coast of SF)
Foggy Golden Gate (the main entrance of SF side)

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