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Friday, 23 August 2013

Lake Tahoe

I spent my remaining days in Nevada by visiting Lake Tahoe (LT), which is located at the border of Nevada and California. More than half of the lake belongs to California. LT is the biggest Alpine lake and second deepest lake in North America. Why LT is an Alpine lake? The surface elevation of this lake is approximately 1500m above the sea level and it lies in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. During the winter, this place become heaven for ski lovers while in summer and spring, LT attracts salmon and trout hunters. Furthermore, there are gorgeous beaches at some part of LT which are suitable for other outdoor activities. Well, conifer forest ey?. This is America.

Just surpassed Carson city to reach Lake Tahoe

Tahoe City? It is more to a small town

Classic log house. Wow, this is natural America. Where is the bear?

Small town of Lake Tahoe

Lake side, near the town. Fishing heaven. Trout...oooo...trout!

Haa, this is the trout but I didn't catch it. Bought from Save Mart.
Only RM 12 per kilo. How cheap seh!
The southern part (belongs to California) of LT is a mountainous area.Though it is a highland, I noticed there was sandy coastline lying along the lakeside. There was a castle and an island - in fact the only island in LT. They called it as Fanette island. My friend told me that this place is normally closed during winter for safety reason and frequent winter storm. However I quite lucky because they opened it when I came here during the winter. Calm, peace and natural. That's all I can say about this place. I felt like I was in the Blackforest in Baden Wurtemberg, Germany. I wish I could find a wild bear, the golden grizzly bear which is famous in California. They said it is easy to find that kind of bear here. But it was unfortunate for me. Its ok. What would I do if I find one? No bear, no Sabretooth,  no wolverine and no teen wolf. Aaauuoooo.....Hehehe.

Southern part of the Lake Tahoe, California

Nice view ey? The small island is the Fanette island.

There is a castle down there, by the coastline.

Pine tree

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