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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Yogyakarta, Part II (Malioboro Street)

Malioboro Street

Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Street)

From my point of view, this is the heart of Yogyakarta . Splited apart from Jalan P. Mangkubumi by a railway, this street was built to show a straight direction to the Merapi Mountain from the Kraton Palace. I bet this is one of the busiest street in Yogyakarta. You might find not only car here but there are also bus, van, MPV, truck, trishaw, motorcycle, bicycle and horse cart. Along the street lies shops, malls, hawkers and parlours. This is the right place in Yogyakarta to find souvenirs such as batik cloths, batik sarongs, t-shirt, key-chains, local sweets, local fruits and portraits pictures. At night, the locals would setup small eating place called 'lesehan' at certain locations where the customer would sit on the mat - no chairs but with provided 'Japanese style' table. This so called 'one night restaurant' offers delicious Indonesian food; the 'Gudeg'. Indeed, to find nice restaurants and nice food is not a problem here. In fact, you could find western and Japanese food in couple of restaurants along this street, especially in the Malioboro Mall. There are lots of hotel here as well as visiting attractions. I stayed at the Pyrenees Hotel Jogja which is situated near the junction of Sosrowijjayan-Malioboro street. At the southbound of Malioboro, there is Kraton Palace, Vrandenburg Fort, Kauman Gede Mosque and road to Kraton Batik Craft Centre, Taman Sari Water Castle and Automobile Museum. Heading north, you'll find the Tugu and closed stadium. Safety? So far Alhamdulillah - I was protected by Him, all the time. Just be cautious when walking through the crowded people and take extra care with your personal belongings. Actually not only here, but in other place in other country too. Everywhere is same.

 Panoramic view from my hotel. That's the Merapi Mountain in the center.

 Malioboro Street in the morning - cold and empty

 In the afternoon, too crowded to walk. Watch out for motorcycles and trishaws .. and the horse's *** too

 Everybody is busy for their daily business. Full with local and foreign tourists.

 Well, I stayed here. Nice hotel and I would recommend it for you.

 Salak fruit- one of the local fruits. An exotic fruit. Not too smelly like durian, and taste bittersweet.

 T-shirts for souvenirs

 The locals sells satay near the Monument.

Well, this is the Monument. The Vrandenburg Fort is located adjacent to this monument.

Hmm, seems there is also Pasar Seni here.

 Various Indonesian sweets and cookies. The famous one is Bakpia with various flavours.

The Malioboro Mall -was the biggest in Yogya. Overwhelm by the new mall near Jalan Lks Adisucipto. You might find western and Japanese restaurants inside this mall.

The view inside the gigantic Malioboro Mall.

 Malioboro Mosque - opposite Sosrowijayan Street. Nice Javanese architecture.

 Wayang kulit?

 North end of the Malioboro Street. There is railway behind that building.


 Southend of the Malioboro Street. Opposite to the T junction is a pitch which leads to the Keraton Palace's main gate. There is a story about this junction...Want to know? Dare enough to hear? Hehehe.

Southend of the street. On the right, you'll find the Keraton Palace.

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