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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Penang, Malaysia, Part III

Penang Hill @ Bukit Bendera

"You've NEVER been to Penang unless you've been to Penang Hill". Sounds prompting and too much? You'll find this statement when you reach at the top of Penang Hill, specifically at the last tier of the peak. Hmm, Penang Hill ya? Honestly for me, it is the 'best' place for certain people; writers, students, researchers etc. to gain inspiration and this place is also the 'right' place for anybody who are seeking for tranquility and want to pull a break from their scourging daily tasks. Best place or right place, it's up to who you're. Located in Air Hitam, Penang, this hill is basically a highland which has the height up to 800m plus. There are few hills up there. To be at the top of the hill, you can take the funicular train. Just like the Jungfrau coach in Switzerland, The Peak in Hong Kong and Blue Mountain, Sydney. There are three stations; the lower station, viaduct station at the centre and upper station at the top. The railway system was developed by the British and it was opened to public in 1923. At the top of this hill there are restaurants, playgrounds, chill out park, mosque, temple, police station, shops and scenery view points. It's a nice place to visit or entertaining your kids during weekend.

 The train

 They're coming from the top of the hill

Main entrance - with colonial design gate

The early model of the funicular train used here

There are few shops and restaurants at the top of the hill

Wow, look at this statement.

Scenic view from the top of the hill. Unfortunately, the haze shrouded the entire city and island

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