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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Senibong Seafood, Johor

Opposite to Sembawang industrial estate, Singapore, Senibong is well known for their Malay fisherman village and one of the best seafood restaurants. These restaurants were erected on the muddy shore and seems floating on the water when the tide comes. These restaurants offer fresh seafood from both local and international suppliers. Why international suppliers? It is because in one of my visit I found lobsters imported from Canada. For local fish and seafood, you can find the exotic tropical fishes as sell as crustaceans such as snails and clam families which are difficult to find in common market. Those seafood are cooked according to your favourites such as grill, steam, deep fry or simmered which referring to Malay or Chinese cooking style. During holiday this area will be crowded with customers and it is better to make a book during Ramadhan. How to get here? If you're from Johor Bahru, just take the JB East coast highway (no.35). Once you pass through the Permas Jaya Golf Club on your right, you'll find a big Jusco shopping mall at a junction. This mall is very apparent because it is very near to the junction. At the junction, turn right to enter the Jalan Permas Selatan. Then take Jalan Permas 13 on your left and you'll find a small junction that leads to the Senibong Foodcourt at Senibong Village. This village is still in Permas area and if you had reached Pasir Gudang thats mean you had surpassed this area. Meanwhile when you're from north, you can take pasir Gudang Highway (no. 17) or again try to find the 1403B Bakar Batu exit from the North-South Expressway.

Various local fish. How to know which is your favourite? Come again and again.

Lovely crab. I really love the chillies crab and salted egg crab.

Imported lobsters.

Simple machine: shell cracker.

Chillies crab.

Another favourite of mine: the butterfried prawn.

Sunset at Senibong.

Panorama view at Senibong. Accross this straits is Singapore.

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