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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Turkish cuisine and Turkish delight

Turkish cuisine, how does it looks like? The first thing that came into my mind was kebab. Well, it was one of the main menu. However, the Turks could offer more than that. Generally, just like the other Mediterranean food, turkish cuisine are 'dry food', I mean with less gravy and sauce in the cooking - most of south east asian foods are 'wet' such as tom yum, asam pedas, stew, pindang, curry etc. In few cases, they have soups, thick soup, especially made from tomato or yogurt or eggplant. Bread and pilav rice are the basic element for the carbohydrate. Fibre source? Tomato, olive, eggplant and cucumber are indispensable. Cheese, yogurt and olive oil are main ingredients in most cuisine. The main course have been prepared and presented in several different ways. Perhaps you could recognize the cuisine by knowing their name first.

Main courses:
Kebap/kebab: skewered meat/chicken/lamb, grilled and served with bread or pilav rice
Kofte : Meat balls, sometime served with bread, with tomato sauce or with rice
Doner : sliced meat/chicken/lamb
Lachmacun: Turkish pizza (minced meat on a round/boat-like shape bread)
Kumpir : Turkish jacket potato
Testi kebap: Meat cooked in a ceramic pot with herbs (just like meat cooked with herbs in bamboo that I tasted in Sarawak: click here.

Börek: Meat/cheese/vegetables stuffed in layered thin dough


Turkish delight: Gelatin-like cube, coated with castor sugar. Sometimes comes with nuts, raisins or grated coconut.
Yaprak sarma: rice in vine leaf
Baklava : Nuts in layers of thin dough, really sweet and normally sticky
Sütlaç : rice pudding

Here are the picture of those meals. Unfortunately I didn't try all.


Börek, minced meat stuffed (left) and cheese (right)

Fish burger

Rice & Caramel puding

Seems attractive - but its too spicy for me!

Kebap set with Coke, just TRL 15

Beef Doner (Et Doner), served with pilav rice & Nan bread

Mandatory dishes, served for every order

Yaprak sharma

Various Turkish desserts

Left: Kumpir, Right: Lachmacun

Baked beef with potato and tomato sauce

Grilled salmon, the indigo cabbage is quite sour

I bought this turkish delight - yummy

Coconut coated pistachio turkish delight

Common turkish delight

Oven baked chicken

Various turkish appetizer (cheese is compulsory)

Colourful turkish delight

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