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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Rhossili Bay, Wales

 It is said that you'll be rewarded by just watching them - one of them is the sea/ocean...Wallahu'alam

The Worm's Head, the tidal island at Rhossili Bay

Arrhhhh, Rhossili Bay - a lovely bay. Please....take a deep breath here. What'ta fresh breeze! This is part of my journey in Wales, UK. Visit category? Of course the theme for this place is nature, camping and leisure. No shopping, no neon lights and no hardcore musics. I came here in summer, and it was quite warm here (that's what I felt at that time). It took just approximately 40 minutes by car from Swansea, Wales. Some might say, this is not the best coast in Wales but at least it falls in the top 10 list of the best Wales beaches in many surveys (look at the links below). - top 10 - top 10 - top 3

It is a long bay, with high cliff facing the Celtic sea. At the southern end of this bay, there is a tidal island, known as the Worm's Head. This island can be only reached during low tide and you need to pass through the unique the 'Devil's Bridge' - which is a crystal-like shape natural rock bridge. Adjacent to the rocky beach of the Worm's Head, there is 19th century's shipwreck fractions that always attracts visitors.The windy shore is not only attracts the sea surfers but also the air surfers. By the rocky cliff, some faithful 'friendly locals' are lying on the green pitch. Munching the fresh grass while enjoying shiny summer, these guys just watching you pass 'em by as if you ain't bring no harm to them. What'ta fascinating view. A suggested place if you visit Swansea. The provided facilities are family friendly. There is a wide car park, public toilets and information centre. As the conclusion; it is a must place to visit if you could reach Swansea. Hmmm, I would like to dedicate the chorus of the Coast to coast song by Westlife to this place:

"So I say a little prayer

And hope my dreams will take me there
Where the skies are blue, to see you once again... my looooooove.
Over Seas from coast to coast
To find the place I Love The Most
Where the fields are green, to see you once again... my love."

(Unfortunately the Westlife members are Irish, not Welsh. Huhuhu)

On the stranger's tide: I'm the pirate...ahoy! ahoy!

Hey take a look at the 'white guy'...leyparks huh?

Daring wind surfer

Breezing coast

Shall I sing the coast to coast song?  I wonder how, I wonder where they're....

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