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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Los Angeles (Downtown)

City of Angels –that is the nickname given to Los Angeles (LA). Angels huh! I’m not sure how many of us would think that LA is regarded as one of the liveliest city in the world. Dashing actors, gorgeous actresses, action packed movies, touching films, flamboyant hair style, dress-to-kill fashion, catchy multi-genre music, ‘idolize’ phrases, dazzling cars etc. are few examples of ‘made-in-LA’ products that had been featured to the world since decades ago. Moreless, those elements had influenced our life as well as our belief. And where do ‘they’ create all these elements? It’s here, in LA. There are Hollywood, Universal Studios, Disneyland and so on. Those places were created to produce entertainment for all levels of age; adult, teenagers and kids. It seems like this place is an awesome city. However, the real LA is totally different from what we had seen in the tube. The real LA could be concluded in this link, and I agree with it. For me, LA now is all about entertainment based business and also being a place to deliver a message to the global dwellers. 

What about the environment here? Within the downtown, it is just like what you’d seen in the tv. Multi-races community, a lot of skyscrapers and hip hop lovers’ one stop centre, basketball, American baseball, lines of yellow taxi in the hustle city….. That’s true. Suburb LA, the scenery is different. Surrounded by hilly area, there are many palm trees, orange trees and vineyards along with Hispanic design buildings and houses. There are few beaches which are not far away from the city. Santa Monica is the nearest beach. Oh yea, perhaps many of you had heard this beach; Malibu beach which allocates the villas and mansion for the Hollywood superstars. I stayed in the downtown area, near the fashion district. Nice hotel and adjacent to few halal food restaurants. Unfortunately I took some time to find it. As I reached those restaurants, they were starting to close. “Sorry brother, we had already started cleaning the kitchen” said one of the workers. Oh my, they close it very early! Just cool bro. This was not the first time. I met the same situation when I was in Beijing – and even tougher because it was during Ramadhan. 

If you’re a backpacker, it should not be a problem if you’re scared to drive a car (just like me). Yeah, who knows? Different places, unfamiliar roads, congested roads, left hand drive etc. Plus, the traffic policemen and camera were everywhere. You could take the metro rail. Easy, fast and safe. Their bus system is efficient and reliable too. However, if you wish to drive a car, there are few options of rental car companies. It would be more flexible. Don't know which direction to take? Not a problem. Rent a car with GPS. GPS, GPS on the dashboard, could you bring me to the Yuna's recording studio please...Heheheh. Here I come. Acah aje! Kuikuikui.

Halal restaurants are in this building. How can I find it without any sign?

Just wait my face in one of the box office! Initially I thought it was an alien attack. Hehehe.

Nice view at Pershing Square

Look at that .....errrr

Downtown LA

Vista del Mar, walk of fame

Walk of Fame - seems nice, but actually 'Hampeh!'

After hundreds of steps, this is the only name that I know.

What place is this? Stationary? Haa, this is like the 'Old Trafford' for LA Lakers team.

Remember LA Lakers, remember Ar'sengal, eh, Arsenal. Hehehe. Is it similiar?

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