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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Little India, Penang, Malaysia

I haven’t been in India but I felt just like I was in Mumbai when I visited Little India in Georgetown, Penang. Surrounded by four roads; Lebuh Chulia, Lebuh Queen, Lebuh Gereja and Lebuh Penang, Little India provides a complete picture about the multicultural Penang. Colourful and eventful – that’s all what can I say about this place. Few steps to the east you’ll find the Penang Jetty, to the north there are the old administration buildings and to the south there are legacies of the Malay/Acehnese settlement. I believe that this place had been a settlement for Indians during the British occupancy in Penang. I mean for all Indians, either they’re Hindu or Muslim, live under one roof with tolerance and peace. There is a Hindu temple and there is a mosque too, just a stone’s throw away from the temple. The famous mosque which is located near Little India is the Masjid Kapitan Keling (Indian Chief/Leader’s Mosque). There is a very famous and well known Nasi Kandar Restaurant near this Mosque – the Nasi Kandar Beratur Restaurant. This restaurant is not only famous for Penangites but also for Malaysians who live outside Penang. I’m not sure what make it so famous. The rice? The gravy? The chicken masala? The Papadom? I don’t know. However if you plan to try out those meals, make sure you come at night, after 10.00pm. This restaurant is closed during the day. There are many other Indian Restaurants too, including the vegetarian restaurants. One thing that reminiscent  me when I was in UK is the halal lamb and mutton butcher shops. So far it is very difficult to find such kind of butcher shop in other places in Malaysia. Generally in Malaysia, lamb and mutton could be bought from modern shopping complex such as Tesco/Giant or in few old wet market - not in a terrace shops. The lamb/mutton cutlets are nicely packed and there is no way you can buy the whole lamb shoulder or ribs or spine. Here, the way they sell the lamb is exactly the same as in the UK's butcher shops. Cleaned whole lamb will be delivered to the shops and the butcher will cut it part by part and sold it based on which part you like. Let's forget the lamb or it make me hungry. It is quite difficult to find empty parking lot here during the peak time but there are few car parks around this area. You just need to walk a little bit for exercise. In fact, this place is also not far from the Weld Quay Bus Terminal, near the Penang Jetty (Pengkalan Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal). It is a nice place.

 At Lebuh King I think....

 Colourful flowers - for Deepavali

 Stalls and shops are selling colourful stuffsjust few days before Deepavali

 Sweets and halwa are must

 Apparel and textile products - with Indian design and pattern

 Still calm in the morning but became busier in the afternoon

Butcher shop - sells lamb and mutton

 Very must try to eat there if you're truly Indian food lover - just a suggestion. 
Me? no thanks!

 Kapitan Keling Mosque

 This is the place: Nasi Kandar Beratur. I haven't try it yet....and I'm not the Nasi Kandar die hard fan.

 Typical lotus on the lake 

 Stall selling Indian food


 Henna kiosk

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