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Friday, 7 March 2014

Cameron Highlands, Pahang State, Malaysia

The Foremost Highland in Malaysia

Awesome and outstanding scenery. But make sure you arrive at the right place. As one of the highlands in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands (CH) is well known for its strawberry and tea farms (the other highlands are Genting and Fraser Hill....). As chill as Brastagi in Indonesia, CH offers natural tranquility that would make all your crowded mind left behind. Indulge your body at the spa and discharge all your negative ions away. Located at the heart of Titiwangsa range, CH is approximately 200km away from Kuala Lumpur or moreless 3 hrs drive from Kuala Lumpur Int. Airport (KLIA), Sepang. There are four roads that lead to this place; two from the west and two from the east. If you're from north, find the E1 highway (motorway in England) which heading to the south and take the Simpang Pulai exit. If you're from KL or south, take the E1 highway to the north and exit at Tapah. There are two small towns up here which are the Brinchang and Tanah Rata. Lots of resorts, high class hotels and budget hotels here, and there is a golf course too. Most of the hotels here offer 'steamboat' - sister to Mongolian's and Chinese's hot pot (I learned that when I visited Beijing). For those who are not familiar with it, steamboat is actually a dish where the fresh vegetables and sliced meat are cooked in the boiling soup in the pot. There is dipping sauce too to stimulate the taste. The soup might be Malaysian version of Chinese herbal soup or Thai's tom yum soup.

 Gateways to the highland

Are there any other activities other than strawberry picking? Yupp. Here are some suggestions:
  • Visit the tea plantation farm
  • Jungle tracking (Mossy Forest, Brincgang Mt. and Irau Mt.)
  • Shopping fresh fruits at the night market, Location: Brinchang town (Saturday night)
  • Learn the history of CH at the Time Tunnel
  • Visit the Rose Centre at Kea Farm + day market near the Kea Farm
  • Taste the lovely natural honey at Bee Farm
  •  Sit down, get a coffee and a slice of strawberry pie - then write a book.Who knows that someday you would be a new J. K. Rowling?
You can visit here for more information about CH. As the conclusion, this is a right place to rejuvenate your body. Peace of mind and discarding the negative charge away. I just hope the farmers and planters here are not too greedy in making money while disrupting the environment. We need a sustainable development to keep the balance of the nature. Otherwise, all gone in a very short time.

 I stayed here. Around RM 350 for two nights with the breakfast and steamboat dinner package. This is the link for this hotel.

 Well, well, this is the steamboat. Sister to Mongolian Hot Pot and cousin to Korean Steamboat.

 One of the must visit place. More shops here. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at the day market.

 Cactus valley; presenting four seasons flora in the tropical country?

 Ahhaaa, I decided to visit this place. There are many strawberry farms but why I choose this farm? I didn't sure, perhaps the strategic location, parking lot size and nice advertisement. Anyway, its quite nice here with public toilets and restaurants. Thanks to Mr. Sinathamby. Is he the founder of this farm?

 Fresh vegetables at the Big Red Strawberry Farm. Hydroponic technique.

 Now the green salads. No insect? I wonder how.....

 Can you guess what kind of flower is it?

 The strawberries. Pick yourself and they'll tare for you. Then, pay the money. That's all.

 Compared to the strawberry farm that I had visited in UK, here they grow it in the uplifted plastic vase. It is not planted on the ground.

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