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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bristol, England

Classical Bristol

Bristol, a quite unique port city in England. Port city? Not really, because it is located deeper from the Severn River estuary by the Avon river bank (A smaller river that meet the Severn estuary). There is a port indeed but for me it is not as big as the port of Liverpool. I was on the way to visit Wales, and dropped by at Bristol to visit my old friend. It took around 2 hours by car from Coventry  via M5 motorway. No tolls and speed limit neither. Hahaha. Driving during the summer, there were lines of  caravans, forming a continuous train coach-like on the motorway. In overall, I can say that it is a nice and classic city, near the ancient city of Bath. It is believed that Bristol is one of the largest and busiest city a long time ago, even prior to Manchester and Liverpool. A city by the river, Bristol is neighbouring to Bath and Weston-super-Mare. On the opposite side of Severn river bank lies the Newport city which is located in the other 'British state' territory - Wales. 

Yeahh, this is part of Bristol City. That's the Avon River and on the right is the SS Great Britain Maritime Heritage Centre. Can't you spot the balloons in the sky?

The main icon for Bristol are...hmm I'm not sure but perhaps its the Brunel's SS Great Britain, the  ocean liner and the Brunel's Clifton suspension bridge. The ship, in fact the 'resurrected' ship, was  the first iron-hull, steam engine ship that sail across the Atlantic. It has been regarded as one of the major attraction in Britain. For me, this is one of the proof that British once a powerful maritime power. Frankly, it is a floating museum. Unfortunately, when I was here, it was closed. What's a pity. That's ok. I didn't have enough time to spend in Bristol. Well. What else you can enjoy in Bristol? For those who have plenty of time, this might help;
Hot air balloon
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
Bristol Zoo
Bristol Pirates Walk
River cruise and boat trips
The Matthew (ship replica)

In conclusion, what I can say, Bristol is just like our Lumut or Kelang. A port city by a river near the larger river estuary. What is so special about it? Maritime relics. Besides, as an old English city, of course there are lot of authentic English design buildings. The rest are almost the same; shopping, leisure park, theme park, zoo etc.

 City Hall building - I like the design. Classic and graceful.

 A cathedral near the City Hall. And a leisure park too, in front it where during the summer, Bristolians chills out and having fun with friends and relatives.

 Ahaaa, this is the main train station: Temple Meads. Adjacent to it is the Commenwealth Museum.

 British Empire and Commonwealth Museum - My question is; Are we "commonwealth" enough? Then, why should we trade with them?

 Wills Memorial Building - belong to the University of Bristol.

What else? Museum - closed too. I arrived after five. Hahaha.

Mess in the sky? Alien is attacking? Nope, just hot air balloons.

 Wow, it getting darker and I was going home. Even the birds also stop flying but these balloons couldn't find its way home, maybe?

 Ex-dockyard I believed. Near the ticket counter for Brunel's SS Great Britain.
 Kayaking activity at the Avon river.

The famous ship in Britain? Hmmm. Sorry, I was late - it was closed.

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