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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW

Lovely beach near the city

Surfing, swimming and enjoying the breezing fresh air....Where is the nearest location to the Sydney City Centre which you can experience all these activities? Farm Cove? It is more to a waterfront and its water is too calm. Bradley's Head? Nice surrounding but I don't believe that it is a good place for swimming. All right then, I would suggest the Bondi Beach. It is located just few kilometers away from Sydney City Centre. It has complete facilities and after all, it offers all you can imagine about being at the beach. I came here by bus. From Chippendale, I took bus no 352 to Bondi Junction. From there, I took another bus to Bondi Beach. The travel took around 45 minute from Chippendale to the shore. It was summer, thus it was the right time to be there. The water was nice and not too cold. Unlike when I was in Wales, despite it was summer the sea water was still freezing like thousand of spikes poking deep to my bones. In fact, Bondi Beach is a big bay. There is pavilion at the centre of the beach where you can find shops, lavatories, bathroom and restaurants. There is so called 'small town' near the beach. There are more shops, restaurants, hotels, pubs as well as banks in this town. Beside the 3S's (surfing, sunbathing and swimming), you could enjoy jet ski and canoeing. I would highly recommend this place if you have a short time to spend in Sydney without loosing any seaside activities.

Well, this is the Bondi Junction. An utterly bus station complex. Next to this building, there is a lively pedestrian walk - just like our Petaling Street Australian version. Lots of shops and stalls along this walkway.

What a complete facilities. I like the cleanliness of the beach.

The bus dropped me here.

 Is that a house or hotel?

What are they trying to do there?

 Wow, look at the rocks! Amazing isn't it?

 Typical Australian sea. Is there any jaws?

 Hawaii Five-O? No....this is Australia. Scary waves......

 Housing residents near the beach.

The Pavilion at the centre  of the beach.

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