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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wild Life Sydney Zoo - An introduction to Aussie's Animal Kingdom

It is nice place to visit. An excellent introduction to Australian animals. Or should I say the animals that embody Australia? Yupp, you can only find those animals in Australia. I was there with my family - not as a backpacker as usual. The Wild Life Sydney Zoo (WLSZ) is located in the heart of Sydney, at the Darling Harbour. Can't you imagine a zoo (mini zoo?) in the middle of the city? You'll find nothing from outside but there is a zoo inside? Wow! It's incredible! We bought online ticket with package to the Madame Tussauds, Sydney Tower and Sealife. You can find more info on the ticket and schedule here. Here, I just want to share what the WLSZ have for you. My conclusion about this place is; 
It was nice to be there. Complete facilities, clean, safe (despite there is a big crocs that you can't imagine), good service and informative. What I don't like about it: You need to pay AUD 20 (if I'm not mistaken) for 1 shot of picture while cuddling the koala and no animal feeding experience. Perhaps before this I fed too many animals (including the chicks and ducklings I fed when I was 3.5), that's why I feel a little bit disappointed. However, they have the right and they're responsible to take extra care for their animals. Let it be. It is not important. For me, what I learn from the visit is, how the Australians manage to bring those animals forward till they become the symbol of Australia. Indeed, those animal is not just a symbol at all but the research, rehabilitation process, conservation of the nature - in an easy meaning: what can they learn from those animals in many aspects are those thing that I concern. Ironically, we have more species, as well as talented zoologist and biologists too. What we need is some coordination and practical efforts. 

 The main entrance.

 Well, well the wallaby.

 Can't you spot the koala?

 The kanggaroo. Wallaby, wallaroo, kangaroo. What is the difference?

 The crocodile. Australia is very synonym with the huge salt water crocs. Is it really this big?

 Now the king of the reptile has shown up. What does it mean if people call you a 'land crocs'?

 An cute koala. Panda in China, Grizzly in US, What about Malaysia then? Kong kang (slow loris)? Wait, we are talking about a bear family. Is kong kang a bear I wonder? Orang Utan is not a bear.

 Casowary. Endangered bird but it is also a danger predator. Watch out guys. Do not encountered it!

Well, snake is every where, including this south land.

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