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Friday, 31 October 2014

Orang Utan Island in Perak, Malaysia

Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center in West Malaysia?

Normally when we as Malaysians talk about orangutan, we might think of Sabah, Borneo which is in the east part of Malaysia. There is a huge orangutan Rehabilitation and Research Center there, in Sepilok, Sabah. Nobody's would think there is any orangutan in peninsular Malaysia, but there is. It is known as the Orang Utan Island, located at the Bukit Merah, Semanggol, Perak. How to find this place? Just find the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort in Perak, then you'll find this place. What is orangutan anyway? It is a primate, or what we all know as ape. A species of apes. It is a big primate but quite calm and not too wild (I guess). Nowadays, orangutan can be clustered as an endangered species. According to research, orangutan is native to Sumatra and Borneo, which means Malaysia and Indonesia. To be at the Orang Utan Island, just go to the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, buy the ticket and get a boat trip there. For more information you can surf this web:

Get into the Bukit Merah Laktetown resort first. Then you can buy the ticket to the Orangutan island.

Yeah, this is the jetty. Take a boat.

'The vikings have landed.....Hurraaahhhhh!'

I think he is the king here

Training ground for the orangutan
Look at their baby...

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