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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Bariani Power Batu Pahat

Batu Pahat is home for  biryani dish in Malaysia. There are many nice biryani dishes in Batu Pahat but in fact most of them are cooked by caterers for ceremonies. Only few restaurants has the great taste of the Malaysian-style biryani. If you drop by here in Batu Pahat and looking for a nice dish for lunch, I would recommend the Bariani Power Batu Pahat Restaurant. What can I say about Bariani Power is, it has an outstanding biryani dishes and I am absolutely describe it as one of the best in Malaysia. I love its biryani taste especially the lamb 'biryani gam' very, very much. Located at Bukit Soga, Batu Pahat, the biryani restaurant is just less than a kilometer away from the Batu Pahat Hospital. Finding this place is quite tricky, hence the clear landmark should be the Batu Pahat Hospital. Once you arrive at the front door of the restaurant, the fresh mixture aromas of cinnamon, star anise, cardamon and cloves would excite your desire to the taste the dishes. There are two types of biryani offered here which are the Biryani Gam and Standard Biryani. The difference is the taste and perhaps the cooking technique. I believe that the 'Gam' word is assimilated and derived from the Indian word of 'Dum'. From my observation, most of the customer would prefer the Biryani Gam. Both types of biryanis are served with lamb or chicken. There are side dishes too, such as acar (mixture of cucumber and carrot pickels) and dalca gravy that come together with the main dish. If you have plenty time in Batu Pahat, don't forget to come here and enjoy your unforgettable lunch here at the Bariani Power Batu Pahat Restaurant.

A lamb biryani gam. Where's the lamb? 

Location map to the restaurant.

A complete dish for Lamb Biryani Gam. There is additional side dish which is known as telur pindang. 

The business card for contact and address. They have branch in Tesco Melaka.

The restaurant from outside.

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