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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Perlis, Part II - Kuala Perlis

Kuala Perlis

Having few stuffs from Padang Besar with full stomach, we planned to spend that evening by enjoying the sunset at Kuala Perlis. From north, we headed south passed through Kangar till we reached the 194 Motorway (the Kuala Perlis - Changloon Highway). Then, take the right exit to the Kuala Perlis. It was just couple of minutes to Kuala Perlis from Kangar. However it depends on the traffic. Now what? We had arrived. It was more than an hour before sunset, so we walked around the town and chilled out by the shore. There were many budget hotels in the town but there were also big hotels too. The biggest one was the Putra Brasmana Hotel. Besides being a nice place to enjoy the sunset, Kuala Perlis is also one of the gateway to Langkawi island. There was a jetty by the mouth of the river. There was a large car park near the jetty. Sitting by the waterfront watching the fishing boats as well as the Langkawi ferry across the sea for their daily business was fantastic. While watching the sun kept falling from the sky to the horizon, sometimes I sensed the smell of grilled fish from nearby restaurants. Those restaurants were erected on the other side of the shore. There was a mosque in between the restaurants area and the waterfront near the jetty. As it was almost 15 minutes before the sun touch the horizon, I booked the table and the menu and walked along the nearby stalls across the road. Clothes, souvenirs, electronics accessories, body accessories....what else you can imagine. Just like the uptown. It was the Kuala Perlis uptown.

 Putra Brasmana Hotel, in Kuala Perlis Town

 Kuala Perlis jetty. The most common way to Langkawi. Otherwise, you can take
flight or ferry from Kuala Kedah.

 Al Hussain Mosque at the tip of the cape.

 The restaurant terrace on the southern part of the shore.

Windmills near to the jetty? 

 The incoming ferry from Langkawi island headed to the mainland jetty.

 Fresh fish sold at reasonable price. You should try the grilled fish. Taste so good.

 Numbers of restaurants lie on the beach, facing to the sea. Nice view for sunset.

 What we ordered, but still miss the other two; grilled and steamed fish.

What is this? It it a mentarang. One of my favourite.

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