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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pen Mutiara Restaurant, Penang

One of the Finest Fish Head Curry and Seafood Restaurant in Penang

Brilliant and top class! That's what I can say about this recipe. If you're in Pulau Pinang (Penang), do not forget to have lunch or dinner at this restaurant. I had stayed in Penang for years and I would conclude that this is the best restaurant in Penang WITH HALAL STATUS (or at least in top two in my rating). My recognition was based on the taste, facilities, cleanliness, price range and food quality. It is located in Batu Maung, just near the Bayan Lepas Airport. My family and I really love the seafood here. The taste is outstanding and the restaurant is clean. Nice staffs too. Here are my rating about this restaurant (in 5 star rating):

Taste               : *****
Food Quality  : *****
Cleanliness     : *****
Facilities         : *****
Price               : ****

 We prefer tom yum over curry. So we ordered prawn tom yum. Brilliant! Remember, in Malaysia there could be two types of prawn (not the species) which is sold in the market. The 'sea catch' or farm breed prawns. Here in this restaurant, the prawns are fresh and sea catch.

Prawn Tom Yum, Crispy Fried Squid and 'Telur Bungkus' for my small family. If the entire 'batallion' was there, then I would pick the fish menu. 

 Crispy and fresh squid meets the sweet and sour dip sauce. Melt in your mouth. How could it be?

 Well, this is the address.

 The fish are fresh. Kerapu (Grouper), Siakap (Seabass), Merah (Snapper) are favourites. I would prefer Kerapu. Just like someone choosing Salmon over tuna or trout.

How to get there? If you're from the mainland and taking the Penang Second Bridge (Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim), take the Batu Maung exit on your left and find a small hill which is written 'SOUTHBAY' on its top. You'll find the restaurant on your left. Adjacent to restaurant, there is a small fishing port belongs to the Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM). Pen Mutiara has a branch in the mainland. It is located at Jalan Selat in Butterworth. Here is the link to its official website.

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