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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Schaffhausen, Schweiz

The Last Stop in My Germany-Swiss Trip

Deep in the 'Blackforest' territory, I was planning where should I go as I cancelled my Hohenzollern Castle visit. A location which was supposed to be on the way to the 'flughafen' and must be adjacent to the train station. I had plenty of hours before check in. I asked the hotel staff for her opinion. She suggested the best location could be the "Neuhausen am Rheinfall" (NR) near Schaffhausen. What kind of waterfall is that? Ok, after concerning the time, money, point of interest and flexibility of transportation, I agreed. The next morning, I took a train to Schaffhausen. Once arrived, I was screened by the sentinels at the German-Schweiz border. Perhaps very rare Asians visit Schaffhausen per year I think. Few minutes later, they just said Willkommen and returned my passport. Well, I am just a traveler and they just do their responsibility. From the train station, I took a bus to Neuhausen to find the waterfall.

Basically NR is a waterfall. The famous Rhine river waterfall and the biggest waterfall in mainland Europe. There is no entrance fees. As I came by bus, I need to walk for a while before reaching the waterfall. It was really big but is not as big as Niagara Falls. It is staggered waterfall. The surrounding was humid because of the dispersing water. There was a boat service to reach at the small island in the middle of the waterfall. Few restaurants were erected near the waterfall as well as parks. I left Neuhausen for Schaffhausen to have my lunch. Initially I thought I would find a delicious Turkish kebab restaurant but something unexpected was yet to come. Guess what? I found a Malaysian owned restaurant in the area. A Malaysian restaurant in the unknown place in Schweiz? What a coincidence? Alhamdulillah.

 Neuhausen Waterfall - the biggest in mainland Europe. At one side belongs to Schaffhausen Canton and the opposite side belongs to Zurich Canton.

 Very informative. And I didn't see any vandalism here. Everything is clean and proper.

 An old wooden watermill. Very classic.

 Back to Schaffhausen. I thought I was in the middle of Renaisance town.

 Building design in Switzerland always attracts my attention. They are unique. Not to straightforward like Scandinavian and not to exotic as the eastern Europes design.

 One of the street in the town. Cobblestone pavement. I imagine I rode a horse here. Kelepak-kelupuk bunyinya.

 Ahaa, this is the entire my Swiss-Germany travel route.

 At the Germany-Schweiz border. Am I German or Schweiz? Eintreiten? Ausgang?

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